Wild Weeds
Critic Without A Clue

      There has been a lot of talk lately about cancel culture, fake outrage, people who think they are woke, and the astoundingly stupid ideological lunacy known as critical race theory. There seems to be a pathetic attempt by many extreme leftists to promote imaginary problems and to insist that these fantasy issues are real and something that requires urgent action to fix. While it may have been true that racism against minorities was a real issue several decades ago, nowadays it seems that the only racism that exists is against whites. It is quite common for whites to be the victims of violent crime perpetrated by members of minority groups and yet the media goes out of its way to ignore these frequent criminal acts and instead focuses on the rare cases where members of minority groups are the victims of crimes perpetrated by whites. In other words, the media falls over backwards to promote a false consciousness where reality is inverted and distorted and otherwise misrepresented. Many people have become aware of this and are insisting that reality be represented in an accurate manner. Problems can only be fixed when they are accurately portrayed and solving fake problems only results in real problems.


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They riot in the streets
Whining and flapping their jaws
Over non-existent problems
Rebels without a cause

Cancel culture
Outrage fake
Triggered and
Not really awake

If that's your schtick
If that stuff seems real to you
Then maybe you can be a
Critic without a clue

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