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Who's The Crazy One Now?

      It seems that most people are susceptible to believing various conspiracy theories. However, the degree of susceptibility seems to vary from person to person with some people being especially receptive to conspiracy theories involving certain pet issues which emotionally trigger them. A particularly interesting conspiracy theory which has been prevalent in the USA since 2016 is the Russian Collusion conspiracy theory. In fact, most corporate news networks bought into the Russian Collusion conspiracy theory and treated it as if it were legitimate news. While they derided other conspiracy theories as something that only nutjobs would believe in, they were busy devoting lots of energy into discussing and investigating a theory which was just as nutty. The irony and hypocrisy is difficult not to notice, but it just goes to show that most people have a blind spot when it comes to certain issues!


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Who's the crazy one now? (x4)

Two years of non-sense
Every single day
They've pushed the envelope
In every single way

Is it Alex Jones
Or a talking mad cow?
What I really want to know is
Who's the crazy one now?

Fake news is a term
That's often thrown around
And when it comes to fake news
The queen has now been crowned

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