Wild Weeds
Clown Of The Year

      Two words which sum up the value of most politicians are worthless and contemptible. Although they try to appear to be doing the will of the people, they seem to be serving another audience altogether. It's almost as if their apparent constituents are not their actual constituents. There seems to be a disconnect between what is good for the country and what politicians actually do. It seems that they are fulfilling the will of another group of people hidden behind the scenes somewhere. How else do we wind up with many of the policies implemented in recent years? How else do we wind up with social issues which have no connection with reality? Some people call this state of affairs "Clown World" and that seems like an apt way of characterizing things and so rather than declaring someone "Person Of The Year," the title "Clown Of The Year" makes much more sense!


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Zelensky is a puppet
Biden is confused
Kamala is befuddled
And Pelosi is short fused
Alexandria feels harrassed
She says she's been abused
It's time to name the
Clown of the year!

Obama has paranoid hallucinations
Schiff is obsessed with the war in Ukraine
And it's been determined as a scientific fact
That Hillary never had a brain

It's hard to pick a winner
From the clowns on this list
And picking them all is
Kind of hard to resist
But when all is said and
All has been done
Zelensky is
Clown number one

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