Wild Weeds
Chunk Yogurt And The Nuge

      Many times Cenk Uyger (aka, Chunk Yogurt) has ranted about why he doesn't like Ted Nugent (aka, The Nuge). Why is Cenk Uyger obsessed with Ted Nugent? There is no good reason for this, but Cenk has repeated stories in which it is claimed that Nugent was a draft dodger during the Vietnam War. However, Nugent refuted those claims on the Joe Rogan show during 2018. There was also something Nugent said as part of a joke involving a female newscaster, but making a big deal over a harmless joke seems like nitpicking. There was another time when Nugent joked about shooting "liberals like rabid coyotes" and although that joke might have been going a little too far, it was still just a joke. Finally, getting to the heart of the matter, it is likely that Cenk is not a big fan of the Second Amendment, while Nugent is an out-spoken gun enthusiast. Cenk seems driven to discredit Nugent primarily for this reason, which, of course, does not excuse some of the things he's said, but being an out-spoken progressive, Cenk is prone to such excesses.


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Chunk Yogurt and The Nuge:

Have a long on-going feud
Due to Chunk's bad attitude

The stories told by Chunk are skewed
He's just a Nugent hating dude

Fat-ass Chunk rants like a stooge
While Ted's accomplishments are huge

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