Wild Weeds
The Cattle Trail Of Life

      It is possible to compare life to a cattle trail. After all, you are likely to step into some turds along the way in either case. However, cattle trails are not all bad. They can lead to some pretty interesting places. Some of these locations are downright scenic and enjoyable to visit. For the most part cattle are not a problem. They tend to avoid hikers and sometimes they are a little on the friendly side, especially if hikers who came before you gave them some treats. Up in the area where I live I seldom see anyone looking after the cattle. The cattle just roam around from meadow to meadow, keeping the grass mowed along the way. They do leave turds behind, but during a year when there is a fertilizer shortage, that doesn't seem like such a horrible thing, providing that you don't step in one!


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Tall pines and tall firs too
Signs which you might misconstrue
Old gates which might fall apart
Rusty shovel and tree art

Hiking down a cattle trail
Chances are you won't see a whale
Hiking down a cattle path
Maybe you can stop and take a bath

Cattle crap and cattle graze
They wear earrings nowadays
But the cattle are now gone
Time now for me to ramble on....

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