Wild Weeds
Cartoon Animals

      Lots of animals have appeared in my videos over the years. Some of them have been real animals and some have been cartoon animals. In fact, four out of my five most viewed videos feature some sort of creature. The real animals definitely have received more views than the cartoon ones, but it's not always very easy to get good video of real animals! Also cartoon animals can be used in contexts which would be almost impossible to use real animals. For instance, my eleventh most popular video features cartoon animals along with a UFO. That's not something I'm likely to be able to get video of in real life.... but you never know!


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Ants are good at marching
And skeeters love to fly
Frogs are good at hopping
And rabbits multiply

Put some birds in the trees
And some fish in the stream
And a cow in the meadow
If you know what I mean
Put some clouds in the sky
And a bright sun too
And some trees on the hills
And a cow saying moo!

Ducks are good at quacking
And sometimes they eat snails
Camels have a hump or two
And turkeys have cool tails

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