Wild Weeds
Careless Play

      I've done a lot of parody Public Service Announcements over the last few years and one of the themes I've focused on in several of my videos is "Summer Safety." "Why summer safety and not winter safety?" you might ask. Probably that has to do with where I live. The Mojave Desert is perilously hot during the summer, whereas the winters are relatively mild. Also I tend to do more hikes in areas where I might have contact with bears or need to deal with inclement weather during the summer. In any case, here are a few of my previous Public Service Announcement parodies:
Be Afraid This Summer!

Summer Can Be Dangerous

Consider It a Challenge


Fully Hydrated

Can You Stand The Pain?


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It's the same ole story every year
Danger is present when summer's here
Accidents strike when you least expect
So, abundant caution do not neglect

A word to the wise
Should be sufficient
Your common sense
Should not be deficient
Fun in the sun
Can turn to gloom
For careless play
There is no room!

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