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A Song About Buckwheat

      There are so many species of buckwheat that it's mind-boggling. Add unto that all the subspecies and varieties and the list is even longer. This song is about one species belonging to the Buckwheat Family: Eriogonum umbellatum. There are twenty-five subspecies of this plant listed at calflora.org. The plant goes by the name sulphur flower buckwheat and it is what is known as a perennial herb, although it can be somewhat woody at the base of the plant. The yellow flowers produced by the plant can brighten up a landscape and they are relatively long-lasting. In fact, they often fade to a shade of yellowish red, pink, or orange. Another attribute of this plant which makes it especially useful is that it requires very little water to thrive. You can see this plant growing wild in mountainous areas in California, especially along the eastern part of the state.

Sulphur Flower Buckwheat


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Sulphur flower buckwheat
Is its common name
With flowers bold and bright
Like some kind of flame

Eriogonum umbellatum
Grows in the mountains high
It somehow proliferates in
Conditions that are dry

In barren soil - like gravel
It digs down with its roots
Over twenty subspecies with
Fantastic attributes

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