Wild Weeds
Burst The Bubble

      Why are there so many pop songs about failed, toxic, or otherwise dysfunctional relationships? It is said that Taylor Swift has a breakup song for every occasion and it seems that Olivia Rodrigo is exploiting the same forula in order to gain the attention of a large audience of enthusiastic listeners. In fact, she seems to be stealing away part of Swift's audience and is being heralded as the new Taylor Swift. Although there are undeniable similarities between the two female pop singers in terms of lyrical content, their musical styles diverge a bit. Whereas Swift leans towards a country style, many Rodrigo songs have a pop-punk sound reminiscent of Blink-182, Green Day, or Avril Lavigne. That being said, musical styles come and go, but lyrical themes tend to be what really hooks an audience.


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She was a girl with a broken heart
The guy she loved wasn't all that smart
He was a thug of the worthless kind
But as they say, love is blind

So sad - Her days were grim
Too bad - She really thought she loved him
He was nothing but trouble
She could not burst the bubble

She could not overcome the gloom
She cried and cried in the bathroom
But when push comes to shove
Co-dependence is not love

[Alternate lyrics on last repeat of chorus:
He was just worthless stuff
She could not pop the zit]

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