Wild Weeds


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This is a song I wrote back in the 1980s. I figured that I should get a perfromance of it up on YouTube and so I forced myself to recall the lyrics. It took a bit of practice before I could sing the entire song without forgetting a line or two!


He's been picking at his nose
   and wiping with his sleeve
Now it's red just like a rose
   and it may even bleed
If only he'd leave it alone
   like the doctor said
But now he's scratched done to the bone
   it's hanging by a thread

He kept a picking through the night
   his blankets are all stained
He lost at least a pint of blood
   and one half of his brain
He stopped a scratching when he reached
   his fluffy soft pillow
Now he's always recognized
   where ever he may go

They don't call him Ted or Fred
He's the boy with a hole through his head!

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