Wild Weeds
Just Give Me Blood

      When it comes to orange juice some people say that only freshly sqeezed will do. Naturally, vampires feel the same way about blood. Many people dress up as vampires as part of the festivities surrounding Halloween. Of course, there are many other costumes adorned by people at this time and the video part of this presentation highlights a few available options when it comes to costume selection. Included are Obamastein, Braindead Zombie, Killer Carrot, and Skeleton, in addition to Count Dorkula. While three of these costumes are political spinoffs, there is always room for the traditional and completely novel. It's all a matter of taste and preference and there is no need to place limits on the possible costumes which can be worn while celebrating Halloween!


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I'm feeling rather famished, I need a healthy snack
And your blood is so nutritious, I'm planning my attack
It's an urge I can't resist, I feel it all the time
Just give me blood!

I drink it by the gallon, I drink it every day
I've got a never ending thirst that just won't go away
It's a necessary evil, there ain't no substitute
Just give me blood!

Blood is irresistable - Blood is irreplaceable
Not just some dull chemical - Just give me blood!

You're looking so delicious, your blood is what I crave
And my thirst is gonna put 'cha in an early grave
There is only one thing that makes the hunger go away
Just give me blood!

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