Wild Weeds
Biden Builds The Wall

      It took Biden less than two months to cause his first national crisis. That's probably a record. How does he fix this problem? Well, one idea would be to adopt an idea promoted by his predecessor. As most people will recall, Donald Trump advocated the plan to build a wall spanning the entire border between the USA and Mexico. Many complained that this was too costly and even suggested that building such a wall was somehow implicitly racist, but the simple truth is that a wall would help improve border security and if such a wall were in place, Biden's problem would be solved. So, as a fun little April Fools' joke, this song/video suggests that Biden has adopted Trump's wall idea only he plans on taking it to greater extremes. BTW, this video was uploaded on April Fools' Day and it's not the first time I've uploaded an April Fools' video although many would argue that all my videos fit into that category!


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My kamel told me that a wall
Is exactly what we need
To put an end to this crazy
Endless stampede!

We will build a wall
Like nothing that's ever been seen
We will build a wall to signify
The new American Dream

My predecessor was a man who
Dreamed much too small
Higher! Deeper! Wider!
We must build the wall!

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