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Biden's Dog

      Biden's dog has the reputation of being a biter and many people say that Biden bites, but be that as it may, it would be very difficult to actually steal a dog out of the White House. There are probably secret service agents assigned to protect the dog from being kidnapped and who keep track of its location so that it would be impossible for the dog to run away even if the dog was predisposed to do something like that. However, what would motivate someone to steal or kidnap the president's dog? One obvious idea would be to collect some kind of ransom. After all, the president does have lots of money and would probably pay a large sum of money to get his dog returned. Another possible motivation would be to punish the president. Many people hate President Biden. In fact, he might be one of the least popular presidents ever, but stealing his dog would be a low blow to be sure. A third idea which comes to mind would be that some people might see stealing the dog as actually saving the dog and that it might be seen as some kind of animal rescue mission to kidnap the dog. It's hard to say, but certainly there are many possible motivations for almost any action and so we can only speculate about what would drive someone to kidnap the president's dog!


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Biden's dog is missing
The country's on alert
Someone's gonna pay
And it's gonna hurt!

Someone stole Biden's dog
The dog did not just run away
Someone stole Biden's dog
And that someone is gonna pay!

Maybe it was Putin
Or maybe Mark Dice
Or maybe the Koreans
Or the dweebs who work at Vice

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