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Biden Bans Books

      Banning books is very much the same as burning books since it accomplishes the same goal which is to prevent citizens of a country from reading the books which have been banned or burned. Adolf Hitler burned books back in the 1930s and Joseph Biden has banned a number of books in recent years. It is appalling that a president of the USA would take such an action, but the facts speak for themselves. Among the most important books subject to the Biden Book Ban are a number of books by Alexander Dugin including such titles as "The Great Awakening Vs. The Great Reset," The Fourth Political Theory," and "The Theory Of A Multipolar World." These are all books which challenge the globalist vision for the future. Biden, being influenced by the globalist agenda, has taken the extraordinary step of banning the books written by Dugin. Such an action should not be allowed within the so-called "Land of the Free" even when done as part of a sanctions package against prominent Russians. Obviously the sanctions are a weak excuse for the banning of books and ultimately this book ban is nothing more than a modern form of book burning. Hail Joseph Bitler!


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Biden bans books
He plots assassinations
And plunders foreign nations
Biden bans books

Biden bans books
He's a dirty rotten cheater
An incompetent leader
Biden bans books

He's a threat to democracy
Full of lies and hypocrisy
He wants to start a forever war
So he can rule forevermore!

Biden bans books
He don't care about the border
He subverts law and order
Biden bans books

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