Wild Weeds
Aspen Angel

      Sometimes called aspen etchings and sometimes called tree art, there's a lot out there and some of it is pretty good, but most of it is pure crap. There are the airheads who just have to carve their initials and a date into the bark of a tree and that's just plain annoying. However, sometimes someone with artistic talent takes the time to create something worth looking at and although it's still a form of vandalism to deface a tree in wilderness areas, when the carving is done by someone with some artistic ability it doesn't seem nearly so bad. I've seen aspen etchings in most of the states from the Rockies on west and I think the best ones I've seen have been in the mountains of Nevada. I know most people think of Nevada as a desert state and that's partially true, but not completely true. The subject of this song, however, is located in the southern Sierra Nevada range.


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I've been searching for so long
For my angel of the dawn
I've been looking everywhere
And I'm pulling out my hair
Aspen Angel on a tree
I have searched so long for thee

I've been going round and round
Hiking up and hiking down
Canyons deep, mountains high
And there's just one reason why
Aspen Angel, where are you?
Underneath the sky so blue
Aspen angel on a tree
I have searched so long for thee

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