Wild Weeds
For The Sake Of Argument

      Is arguing pointless? Is anything of any value achieved as the result of engaging in an argument? Probably nine out of ten times the answer is no with the exceptions being when two intellectually honest people engage in a serious discussion where neither cares about winning the argument and would rather discover whatever might be true in the other person's point of view. However, most people care too much about winning to be able to set aside their pride and see something in a new way. Obviously it's not always the case that your opponent in an argument has anything worth arguing about and is only attempting to engage in social manipulation and that's a large part of why nine out of ten times arguing is a waste of time.


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Sometimes people argue
Sometimes they fight
Sometimes they yell and scream
All through the night!

People feud and people squabble
Some people scream until they wobble
Some seem incapable of making any sense
Nothing they say has any relevance

Sometimes it's like beating
Your head against the wall
It's a wonder we ever get
Any peace at all!

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