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Be Afraid This Summer!

      An abundance of caution is in order anytime of the year regardless of what you may happen to be up to, but summer is a time we sometimes let our guard down a little more than we should. There are so many fun summer activities and sometimes we don't properly consider some of the potential dangers that each of these activities presents. Whether you visit the mountains, the beach, go to an amusement park, or simply enjoy a ball game at the park, there are things that can go wrong. So remember to play it safe and be prepared for things that might cause injury or possibly even worse. In particular this summer, pay special attention to ticks. They are supposed to be particularly numerous this summer for a number of reasons and so be especially mindful of the disgusting little pests!


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Summer is not simply all just fun and games
There are dangers all around, they go by many names
Caution is in order whenever danger's near
Do not take this lightly, there's so much you should fear

Bears may eat you, snakes could bite you
Ticks could inject germs inside you
Skeeters carry strange diseases
And beware of errant sneezes!

Be petrified with fear each day this summer
Remember fun can turn into a total bummer
Danger's ever present, danger's always near
So have a great summer there's so much you should fear!

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