Wild Weeds
Adopt Or Be Left Behind

      This is a story about a visionary genius named Elon Musk who is developing something called a neuralink brain chip. Some say this is a good idea and others aren't so sure about it. Some say that Musk wants to rule the Earth (and maybe Mars too), while others are admiring fans who seem to think that he has the power to transform the world into something better than is currently the case. Would you allow your brain to be hooked up to this brain chip? Will you even have a choice in years to come? How will this technology change the world? Will humans become robots? Cyborgs maybe? This sounds like science fiction, but it appears that it will soon become science fact.


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What would happen if you hooked up
A computer to a human brain?
Would it turn a dunce into a genius
Or make him go insane?

Inspiration - overflow
Would it work? He had to know
An interface into the mind
Adopt or be left behind!

What could possibly go wrong
It seemed like a good idea
Elevate human potential
Or produce mental diarrhea

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