Wild Weeds
She Was An Addict

      Addiction is an interesting topic and it can be confusing. Not only is there a wide variety of things which people can become addicted to, but often addiction is defined in subjective and culturally relative terms. The signs of addiction are often not clear cut and so it is easy to make false claims that someone is an addict in one way or another. They say one can be addicted to drugs, gambling, pornography, video games, shopping, shoplifting, sex, and risky behavior. It's even claimed that people can be addicted to eating and not eating (dieting). Where the line is drawn between addiction and compulsive behavior might not always be clear. Indeed, one definition of addiction goes like this: "People with an addiction develop a sense of compulsion to take addictive substances or engage in addictive behaviors." That being said, please enjoy this farcical presentation making fun of a prominent politician we have all grown tired of.


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At least every month, probably every week
Maybe every single day, she was known to tweak
She had a stash on hand in case she felt the urge
Including all her favorite stuff, she sometimes liked to splurge

She was an addict, she had no self-control
Her entire life was like a blackhole
Her brains were fried like sausage, her thoughts were confused
Her feeble-minded antics could not be excused

How she got this way was hard to analyze
Her colleagues made excuses to legitimize
The things she did and said, the way that she behaved
They even supplied all the drugs she craved

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