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      This video appeared in the CNN/YouTube Democratic Debates back in the summer of 2007. Simply titled "NCLB", it posed a musical question prompting the candidates to explain their stance on the No Child Left Behind law. All video questions had to be under thirty seconds in total length and so it wasn't like it was possible to ask a long-winded question. Governor Richardson of New Mexico and Senator Biden were the two candidates who responded to my question. Both considered NCLB to be a flawed piece of legislation and both vowed that if they were elected as president that they would either scrap it entirely or drastically revise it.


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NCLB was such a scam
So now you tell me, sir or ma'am
Would you scrap the whole thing or just revise?
Tell me the truth, don't tell me no lies!

NCLB Video
Candidate Responses

During the summer of 2007 CNN and YouTube sponsored a debate between the Democratic Presidential candidates. YouTube users were invited to submit questions, which could not be any longer than thirty seconds in length. I submitted several questions that were all in the form of short little songs. Click here to see Presidential Debates Playlist at YouTube.

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