Death Valley Plants
Video: Cooler Power

Evaporative coolers really do a great job of cooling indoor air as long as the outside humidity is low. While cooling a house of average size using air conditioning might cost about $300 per month in an extremely hot and arid climate, cooling that same house under the same conditions using an evaporative cooler would probably cost no more than $70 per month. Also known by the term "swamp cooler," evaporative coolers...
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BOOKS by blackturtle.us:

songs and vids Songs and Videos
Songs and videos created by blackturtle.us, featuring desert and mountain scenery, donkeys, tarantulas, lizards, and more! Lots of videos shot in the Panamint Valley, Death Valley, Mojave Desert, and Sierra Nevadas!

fivespot wildflower Death Valley Plants
Plants that grow in the Death Valley area and the Northern Mojave Desert with special attention placed on those areas in the vicinity of Trona, California! Lots of wildflowers, cactus, and other desert plants!

outhouse BlackTurtleShow
Go directly to YouTube and view the BlackTurtleShow channel where you will find plenty of humorous musical videos that may be slightly warped or demented, but all in good fun!

Kopper King outhouse Books
Information about the eleven novels published by blackturtle.us, including quick summaries, back cover blurbs, links to online retailers, and some discussion of themes developed in these books.

Video: Identify That Song

Guessing games are kind of fun, at least sometimes! In this video I present the first few seconds of five songs posted to my YouTube channel and ask viewers to see if they can guess the name of each song. Regular viewers obviously have a better chance of guessing correctly, but even people who have never watched any of my videos before have a chance of...
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