Death Valley Plants

A single creosote bush may live thirty to ninety years, but a clonal colony which starts with a single bush may live thousands of years. In fact, the oldest identified clonal colony, known as King Clone and located within the Creosote Rings Preserve...

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Plants that grow in the Death Valley area and the Northern Mojave Desert with special attention placed on those areas in the vicinity of Trona, California! Lots of wildflowers, cactus, and other desert plants!

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Every two weeks a new blog is posted providing information about a plant included in the listings at dvplants.com. Interesting facts about the featured plant are presented, as well as a link to the info page for that plant.

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Information about the eleven novels published by blackturtle.us, including quick summaries, back cover blurbs, links to online retailers, and some discussion of themes developed in these books.

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Ground Cherry

The flowers produced by Ground Cherry are quite attractive, but its fruit is equally, if not more, interesting. Most often described as resembling a paper lantern, it is no surprise that this plant is closely related to an ornamental known as Chinese lantern (Physalis alkekengi). Enclosed in the "paper lantern" is...

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